• 族群:Rukai
  • 類別:生產工具
  • 尺寸:長69×寬18cm
  • 館藏編號:M089300
  • 館藏位置:3F Clothing, Decoration and Culture1


This type of loom used by the Rukai is called portable horizontal backstrap loom. It is common to Southeast Asia. It was made of bamboo or wood with parts such as rollers, rods and shuttle etc. In traditional Rukai society, weaving was women’s work and men were not allowed to touch the loom. In each village, there was a weaving hut that provided a space for women to weave without interruption. Cloth was woven mostly from ramie. Ramie fibers were dyed using wild yam, turmeric, crape myrtle and other plant materials to create colorful garments.