Mouth harp

  • 族群:Unknown
  • 類別:吹奏樂器
  • 尺寸:長12x寬8cm
  • 館藏編號:M112000
  • 館藏位置:2F Livelihoods Utensils and Dwellings10


his is a mouth harp of the Atayal. A cord is used to pull the bamboo pieces, causing the copper reeds in between the bamboo pieces to vibrate producing sound that resonates in the mouth. The pitch is decided by the shape of the mouth. The rhythm is slow or fast depending on how the cord is pulled. The more reeds there are, the harder it is to play this instrument well. In the evening, a man would stand in front of the house of the woman he is courting and play this instrument for her. If she felt the same way, she would answer back with her own melody.