Wax plate

  • 族群:Paiwan
  • 類別:生產工具
  • 尺寸:長8.5x寬6cm
  • 館藏編號:M117800
  • 館藏位置:2F Livelihoods Utensils and Dwellings8


The wax plates were used by women when doing embroidery work. A piece of wax was placed on top for keeping the needle slick. However, it was the plain side, not the decorated side, of the board that was used. The women of the Paiwan and Rukai excelled at embroidery and the men of these two groups excelled at woodcarving. Thus, came about this combination of art forms. In addition, as both groups possessed a social hierarchy, the patterns carved on these boards distinguished the social class of the user.