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Title:Spinning Ramie Fiber (Tai-an Township)
Artist:Tze-Fan Lee
Size:55cm × 76cm

From the clothing and the facial tattoos of the woman pictured in this painting, as well as the woodcarving in the background, it appears that this is a record of an actual event. The sun’s rays brush across the weaver’s face as she works diligently, and also fall onto her clothing. The reflection of the sunlight creates an almost divine glow.


Title:A Scene from Danshui
Artist:Chiang-hwai Ni
Size:66cm × 49cm

A number of artists painted picturesque scenes of Danshui that depicted a
road leading straight to the water. However, the type of scene painted here
was quite rare, as the road is only in view in the first third of the work then
turns going out of view behind the church.


Title:Old Road in Fengyuan
Artist:Ishikawa Kinichiro
Size:41cm × 31cm

This artist made excellent use of Western-style watercolor techniques to
depict Taiwan’s landscapes. His works have been considered highly influential
in Taiwan’s art circles. He employed brisk strokes to record the simple and
tranquil scenes that he observed in Taiwan.

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